Sunrise Village Community

Dedicated to community development, education, and humanitarian assistance in the name of Jesus Christ

Beginning in 2000, Central Church of Christ became involved in an exciting work in the west African nation of Ghana. Over the past almost two decades, we have celerated many new relationships in the Lord and have learned many valuable lessons about mission work.

We are currently working with growing congregations in the villages of Tongo, Tengzug Hills, Gorogo, and Santeng. In each of these villages, Central assisted the church members to construct church buildings of their own. Previously these congregations met under a tree or in a borrowed school room.

Sustainable Farmland
Medical Clinic
Sunrise Village Christian Academy
Vocational Training Center
Sunrise Village Church of Christ

Sunrise Ministers

Thompson Yin

Brother Thompson Yin, an officer in Ghana’s National Firefighting Service, is an extraordinary evangelist and leader with whom we work to plant and assist congregations, teach the gospel through World Bible School lessons, and administer the activities of Sunrise Village.

Stephen Owusu

Ghana has a large deaf population that are largely uncared for. Stephen works full-time to travel to regional deaf schools where hundreds of students are boarded and serves as a visiting teacher and care giver. He also visits congregations throughout the country where the deaf members need encouragement, assistance and even medical care. Stephen works tirelessly with the parents to teach them how to provide better care and support for their deaf children.

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